Energy Evaluation Monitor Power Saving Meter AC Outlet adapter

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A new generation of intelligent digital Saver performance is more stable, more efficient ! ! !

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A new generation of intelligent digital Saver performance is more stable, more efficient ! ! !
As factories, homes , shops, schools, cafes , shopping malls and other places need to use electricity unit consumption of energy in the actual festivalProvince20% -50% , the money is out of the province . . .

Electricity used by the users , the real effective electricity only60%,40%Invalid use of electricity, which is equal to 40% of waste , but our customers have no choice , you must pay for it . Because the transportation process in the power supply , the supply of electricity transmission in order to avoid losses during peak periods and the end users of electricity and cause the voltage is too low, it will be transported to a higher voltage , so the user actually withstand the voltage will be higher than the rated voltage , excess voltage not only do not let the load equipment is more efficient operation , but the main reason is cause the device to heat , resulting in user consumption , greatly increased electricity costs and shorten the life of electrical appliances and other adverse effects.

The basic principles of digital energy saver is to allow users to have a stable operating voltage to achieve power saving features, and extend the life of electrical appliances.

Technical parameters:

Rated voltage:90v-250v

Rated frequency:50Hz-60Hz

Effective power :1800w

Five specific energy-saving performance :

1Buffer saving

2Cooling saving

3Clean energy-saving

4, Filtered saving

5Improve power factor , reactive Buxiu place .

Product Features :

1 , Saving rate good effect

2 , Extend the life of electrical appliances , auto lasting power.

3 , Voltage Range (90v-250v) Stable supply voltage .

4 , Product Maximum Power18000w MZ007-20KW 001B 30KW 001C24KW 001D28KW001E50KW

5 , High voltage transients induced spike filter , smooth line current .

6 , Overload , short circuit , over- ( under- ) pressure play a protective role .

7 , Reduce the line temperature , improve the power factor.

8 , Place on the line for reactive power compensation .

Product Features :

1 , Load to provide accurate stable operating voltage , improve power quality.

2 , Increase the capacity of the system equipment , can withstand the pressure switch and slow down the line .

3 , Protection appliances, electrical equipment prolong life, reduce maintenance costs.

4 , Enhance the power factor of the supply of electricity saving rate adjustment costs, the flow of electricity can reach a significant reduction effect.

5 , Aspects of installation , no maintenance , every second minute after the installation for users saving money.

Applicable equipment:

Computer. TV , electric water heaters , refrigerators, air conditioners , washing machines, sterilization container and other household appliances.

Application areas :

Home, hotel, hotel , office space , shopping , hotels, beauty salons , cafes and other places any electricity .

Product Features :

1 , With the world trend of design , visual effects, and more innovative. Beautiful, highly energy-saving products to create the perfect brand .

2 , Leading-edge technology , the country, energy conservation, the effect is significant , and easy to use .

sale protection :

First, the product warranty, under normal use :

1Since the buyer receives the product7Days free replacement products. Indeed produced after inspection

Product quality issues and from the mailing costs borne by the company . Note that " the company refused to pay for items "

When a user POST Postage paid in advance by check to make sure the postage borne by the company with the product back

Also ( not to exceed10Yuan, more than some users assume ) .

Note : It is recommended to the post office , " parcel "Mail.

2Can be replaced free of charge within one month of the new product , and from the expense of the Company and the users themselves.

3,12Within months, the product of free maintenance , round-trip costs borne by the user .

Second, the following situations without replacement or warranty

1, On the product Product number, model number , manufacturing has changed, deleted, moved, or non- recognizable

2, Due to flood, fire, lightning fall damage caused by natural disasters such as

3Due to falling , squeezing, flooding , damage from moisture and other human-caused

4, Disassemble ) products, using ultra- load fixture ( or electrical ) damage

( Please use strictly in accordance with the rated power

5, With non- authorized repair center maintenance products

6, Product failure is not in accordance with product instructions maintenance caused

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Energy Evaluation Monitor Power Saving Meter AC Outlet adapter

Energy Evaluation Monitor Power Saving Meter AC Outlet adapter

A new generation of intelligent digital Saver performance is more stable, more efficient ! ! !