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Sukumar Ray was a genius. He took Nonsense and made it more sensible than anyone else in Bangla literature. Radio Mirchi proudly presents the audio cinema of his imortal work HAW JAW BAW RAW LAW. Written by : Sukumar Ray Credits: Narration: Somak Episode Introduction voiced by: Mir and Deep Episode Introduction written by: Pushpal and Agni Beraal: Deep Kakkeshwar & Hijibijbij: Mir Kumir: Jagannath Basu Sheyal: Indrani Shojaru: Riya Pyancha: Richard Udho and Budho: Pushpal Nyara: Somak Chagol: Agni Byang: Atri Mejomama: Amartya Sound Effects, Background Music and Editing: Richard Nyara’s songs written by Sukumar Ray, composed and sung by Somak, music arrangement by Robin, Richard and Deepak Conceptualised by : Indrani On air creative promotion design: Pushpal Social Media creative design: Richard ans Shaoni Direction: Agni and Somak A big thank you to Sri Sandip Ray for his immense support!


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